Who does not like extra spending money? Lol everyone loves money but did you know that you can make some extra spending cash on the Internet working in your pajamas from your home computer? Well it’s true, it’s not 1984 anymore for all you people out there stuck in your ways and refusing to believe that you can actually make money online from home.
Welcome to the new economy the digital age where you can get paid even while you sleep.

With That Being Said Here Are 16 Great Ways To Turn Your Spare Time Into Some Cold Hard Cash On The Internet

  Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products or services in exchange for an affiliate commission on the Internet. This business can be highly lucrative, and rewarding, if your willing to learn what you exactly need to be doing to start seeing success as an affiliate marketer. There is a learning curve and definitely some trial @ error if you do not invest in a good affiliate marketing training course from an experienced profitable marketer who has been there and done that and can show you the ropes before you start wasting a lot of your valuable time making time consuming mistakes.
On the flipside you can learn everything on your own for basically free, it will just take you longer to see your first sales online, or make a considerable income as an affiliate marketer if you go Lone Ranger:) After all time is money right!
Pro’s: Excellent income potential I have been doing this for 8 years and I love it!
Cons: Not for the lazy if your looking for some get rich quick scheme or magic push button software than affiliate marketing is not for you.
Pros: Affiliate marketing is a Multi – Billion dollar a year business model that every major business incorporates and you as an affiliate will never run out of products or services to promote.
Cons: Like I said before it takes some work, and there is a learning curve involved before you get good at it.
On the other hand if you have a good work ethic, and are willing to learn affiliate marketing the income potential is virtually unlimited.
P.S. You can work in your pajamas and make money while you sleep which is the best job in the World in my opinion:)
It don’t get no better than that:)
  Blogging – You can start a blog free blogger blog, or start a low cost self hosted blog like WordPress. You can make money with your blog by promoting affiliate products on your blog, running adsense ads, selling ad space, and everything in between which I will cover below.

  Adsense – Google will share 51% commissions to you for displaying relevant Google ads on your website, or blog. Commissions depend on the niche, and how much they are paying Google to display their ads. The more profitable the niche the more money you will get everytime one of your visitors clicks on your website, or blogs Google ads.

  Fiverr – Fiverr is a very popular site where you can get paid for selling anything you want to other people and get paid $5 dollars for doing it. If you can come up with a Fiverr gig that you can do relatively quickly, and it gets popular those $5 dollar paydays can really add up:)  If you become a Fiverr top seller down the line and meet their criteria for a certain number of sales you can offer gigs or services for $20 or more in addition to your $5 Fiverr gigs which can really increase your earnings.
Fiverr gigs range from the very funny, to the very serious business type gigs.
Fiverr Tip: Just come up with something unique and Fiverr can turn into a great way to earn extra money from the Internet doing something that you enjoy.

  Social Networking Sites – Everyone uses social networking sites these days why not turn all your time wasting tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, etc… Into some cold hard cash promoting affiliate products:) Social media is very popular these days why not take advantage of it and start building a business around something you already do and make some extra money on the Internet promoting affiliate products through your favorite social media channels.

  Ebay – Ebay has been around forever why not go to flea markets in your spare time, and buy products at wholesale prices, and sell them for premium prices on Ebay:) You can also find stuff that you do not use anymore around your house and post them On Ebay for some extra spending cash.

  Dropshipping – If you do not have the time to go to flea markets and find stuff around the house to sell on Ebay than dropshipping with a company called Salehoo can be a much better option. Dropshipping works like this you pay for a one time yearly membership that is very reasonable and you get access to tens of thousands of products that you get at wholesale to sell on Ebay and you can charge whatever you want for them and keep the difference. The dropshipper in this case Salehoo is responsible for shipping your products to the customer in your name, or business name whatever you choose so your Ebay customers will not know the difference.
Dropshipping Tip: You do not buy the products once you are a member of a dropshipping site you post the products you want to on Ebay or anywhere else you want to and when a customer buys that particular product you pay the wholesaler the wholesale price and you keep the difference. The wholesaler then ships that product to your customer:) Everyone is happy:)

  Craigslist – A very popular classified site that I am sure you have heard of:) Why not post a local classified ad selling stuff around the house that you do not use anymore or offer a service that you can do for people  to make some extra spending cash on the side.

  Backpage – Craigslists little brother the second most popular classified site in the U.S.A. the same basic principles apply to Craigslist.

  Elance – Can you offer a service to online marketers like article writing, website creation, blog posting, or anything in between? Then why not sign up for Elance or Freelancer and become a part time freelancer and turn your skills into some extra spending money from the Internet:)

  Seoclerks – This is a nice little site where you can charge what you want for your products or services and everytime you want to bump your gig up to the first page all you have to do is share it on your favorite social networking site and tada your gig is bumped back to the first page. Seoclerks is a nice site to use to find some good potential customers for your products, or services.

  Warriorforum – This is the biggest internet marketing forum in the World with a ton of traffic. You can learn affiliate marketing, post classified ads, post your products or services, and network with some of the best Internet marketers in the World on this forum:)

  Amazon Associates Program – Chances are you already have bought something from Amazon in the past:) Why not earn some extra spending cash promoting Amazon products on your website, or blog and earn some money in the process:)
Amazon Pluses: Everyone knows who Amazon is so your conversion rates will be a lot higher then with other affiliate programs that people have not heard of.
Amazon Minuses: Commissions can be low from 4 to 6% on the purchase price of the Amazon product that you are promoting so choose high end offers to promote on Amazon and your commissions will be much better:)

  Clickbank – I love Clickbank it is the top digital affiliate network in the World with over 10,000 products, and services in every niche imaginable, that you can choose to promote as an affiliate for free through their affiliate network. Fun Clickbank Fact: Clickbank has paid out close to 3 Billion dollars since it’s creation in 1997:)  Commissions range from 50 to 75% because you are promoting digital products ( information ebooks, courses, services etc… ) The affiliate commissions are very high because they are not physical products like with Amazon which is good for you the affiliate:)
Clickbank is definitely one of my favorite ways to make extra spending cash from home on the Internet

  JVZoo – Top affiliate marketing platform where you can get paid directly to your Paypal account for every affiliate sale that you refer. JVZoo is one of my personal favorite affiliate networks that I use to find products or services to promote as an affiliate.
JVZoo Tip:  Make sure you set up a free business Paypal account before signing up for JVZoo this is a requirement so JVZoo knows where to send your affiliate commissions:)

  Commission Junction – Top affiliate marketing platform where a ton of huge companies like Petsmart for example are looking for affiliates like you to promote their products, or services as an affiliate. Commission Junction is a very professional looking affiliate network with some top brands products that you can promote at your disposal.

More Resources You May Find Useful That Cover More Topics For Making Money On The Internet

 Let Me Hear From You What Are Your Favorite Ways To Make Extra Money Online?

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