What is Elister Pro?

Elister Pro is a software that enables you to pull listing descriptions and pictures from other suppliers and

paste it into ebay.  It allows you to copy the HTML version of the description and paste it to ebay with

options to put it in template designs, various colors and formats to choose, embed youtube video, calculate

ebay fees, protect your listing from being copied by other sellers, etc.  It is a great tool in cutting down listing

time and boosting ebay sales.

Currently, Elister Pro allows you to pull descriptions from one supplier only but soon that will change to \

pulling info from multiple suppliers.

What are the Cool Features of Elister Pro?

1. List itmes in as little as 90 seconds!

2. Create Fully Customizable And Professional Looking Listing Designs

3. Get Lifetime Discounted Pricing!

4. Product images are captured from supplier!

5. Product purchase can be accomplished from within the elister pro website

6. Copy protection that will enable you to reserve your description and supplier only for listing.  In other

words, other sellers can not copy your listings.  And many more....

What other tools work in collaboration with Elister Pro?

1. EZ ASIN - this is super cool feature that pulls ASIN numbers for you and save them so you don't have to

 go back and forth as you do several listings.  And if you can't finish listing all the ASIN numbers the same

day then you can save them for the next time.  This saves time big time, because next time you list you don't

have to waste time researching, comparing, etc.  This tool has personally enabled me to pull more than 200

items at a time.

2. Dropship Mogul - Inside of Elister Pro, there is a high quality training and recorded live webinars that

gives you tons of value on boosting your ebay sales, getting mostly watched items, how to make

$60,000/year profit on ebay sales alone,  and many more.  Everytime, updated training and webinar is

presented, then it will be added to the back office for users to watch.

You can watch my video, to learn more about Dropship Mogul by clicking here!

Personally, I have benefited from Elister Pro and the other cool feature in great deal.  It has increased my

sales, increased my watchers/viewers, and also my positive feedback rate.  Also I would like to show you

this video just so you know that I own this product and use it on regular basis.


Also if you would like to know how others are benefiting from this product, I would like to invite you to the live hangout on Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM.  You can attend that on this link!

Here you can find one of the recorded live hangout testimonials!

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Get access to Elister Pro now! Ecommerce is a huge multi-million industry that can potentially change your life.  Don't miss this opportunity!

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