We all are familiar with Dilbert cartoons, and even as a boss you probably think that a lot of the cartoons are pretty darn funny. After all, it is not as if any of these cartoons are poking fun at you, right? But then again, when you start to see Dilbert strips tacked up on your employees' cubicle walls, it is easy to start second-guessing this self-assuredness. Sure, it seems silly to be concerned about the effect that these cartoons might have on morale, but you also probably start to think about the fact that you have, after all, read articles that talked about how Dilbert cartoons create a negative environment. And so, you finally face the question yourself: Are these cartoons negatively affecting employee morale?

Of course, we know that humor is good for morale, and this is an important consideration to keep in mind. Certainly, these cartoons are posted on people's walls because they induced a laugh, so this is a sign in the right direction.

But the issue, of course, is the fact that most of these laughs are induced by taking jabs at corporate culture. And it is difficult to keep your own self out of the specifics of this discussion when you see a cartoon on an employee's wall that makes fun of the boss. But the solution to the problem might be more complicated than just banning these comic strips. After all, it is unlikely that banning these strips would have any effect except to make employees think that you are out of touch with the way they feel.

A better form of action is to look at the strips yourself instead of ordering that they all be taken down from walls in the office. Many of these strips are funny because they poke fun at the way businesses are run; if your employees think that these strips are applicable enough to be tacked on their cubicle wall, the problem might not be with the strip itself. The problem might actually be with your company, and with the way it is run!

Many businesses actually have banned Dilbert from cubicle walls, which turns this into a serious discussion even if it seems trivial on the surface. If you are wanting to improve morale around your office, do not alienate employees by acting in this manner; instead, take a look at the way your business is run, and aim to improve morale by improving your business!

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