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The autoresponder and squeeze page are two of the most effective affiliate marketing tools out there. The simple squeeze page, when combined with the autoresponder, will help you market to your target audience effectively and easily. This strategy pays off when used for high paying conversion efforts. To get started, you'll have to write up plenty of good, interesting, helpful content for your website. Build a website that offers information about the topic of your choice. Eliminate the fluff, and instead give good information. But don't give away the best information - build up anticipation by doling out useful gems that lead to a need for your final offer, the information or service or product that is provided in your high payout offer.
You’ll need to gather their contact information so you can start marketing to these people directly. You can get this information by offering some free content (make it good or they won't commit) and then asking them to register on your site (for free) to get more valuable information on your site.
Now that you have an email address, you can send a valuable, informative email with more nuggets. Follow up with another useful email that includes a small offer, something that probably won't pay well to you, but is free for them and doesn't require a lot of commitment - maybe just their contact info again. Next you will need to send them a thank you email, with even more helpful information, and a pitch about your big offer, something that pays you well and probably requires a bigger commitment from them, like entering credit card information or signing up for a free trial period of something.
This is a multi-step process, but a copywriter can help you get the emails and web pages written. An autoresponder can also ease the process, since you won't have to manually send all those emails.
This strategy works because you will establish yourself as trustworthy, increasing the chances that people will try your offers.

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