If you are hoping to make money as an affiliate marketer (creating websites on which you promote products from other websites, and through which you gain a "commission" for each sale you make), one of the most important things will be figuring out how to get traffic to your site; of course, a lot of people focus on search engine optimization in order to raise their website's search engine ranking, but while this is certainly beneficial, there are a few other things you should keep in mind as well - including the fact that your domain name will make a big difference in your success!

Focusing on one specific product is the best way to make money with affiliate marketing, with one or two primary keywords around which you can center your efforts, targeting buyers in this manner - but while this is a concept that a lot of people have no problem grasping, many people fail to realize that this goes for choosing your domain name as much as it goes for the content on your site! As you try to pick a domain name, take a bit of time to research the best keywords for your targeted product (looking for keywords that are frequently searched, but that do not have much competition) - and then, make sure you find a way to incorporate these keywords into your domain name, in addition to incorporating them into your site's content!

You should also realize that there are a lot of websites that people took the time to build, made money off of for a while, and then abandoned, and even though these domain names no longer exist, they still rank highly in a number of searches - and when you find such domain names, this gives you a golden opportunity to start making money right away with a domain that already has a high search engine profile!

Keep your mind open as you start setting up websites for affiliate marketing - making sure you are considering every different angle of the problem in order to ensure that you are coming up with lots of different solutions as well.

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