Total Life Changes has amazing payment program! The compensation plan pays you in 5 different levels.

I got my first payment yesterday in the mail! I am super excited right now.....

Compensation Plan 

Hybrid Binary Plan: 5 Unique Ways to Get Paid

Retail Profits – Earn 50% Commission on all Customer Purchases - 25% of Group Volume goes into the Binary; Your Pay Leg.

Fast-Start Bonus – Earn 50% of all First Purchases of Each Person You Personally Sponsor into the Business. 

Residual Income – Earn 10% - 25% Commissions of the Volume in your Pay Leg; Qualify by having 40 PV Autoship & Enroll 2 Affiliates.

Check Match Bonus – Earn a 50% Check Match on All Your Personally Sponsored & Earn 10% - 50% Check Match on All the People Your Personally Sponsored Enrolls.

Corporate Expense Account – Earn up to $1,500 monthly; Starting at National Director Rank. 

Timing The 4 Stages of Growth: 

1. Formulation – Ground Floor; Visionaries comes and Build Long-term. 
2. Concentration – Expansion into New Markets; Attracts more Leaders 
3. Explosion – Massive Growth is Experienced, Fortunes are being made
4. Establishment – Brand is now Established as a House-hold Name, Consistent Growth; Creates Wealth for those who started during Formulation Stage. 

We are at the Stage 3 and Looking for Leaders that see the Vision of TLC & TEAM USA 


You can also contact me @ http://facebook.com/helina84

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