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Unique Opportunity The Health & Wellness Industry has been predicted by industry experts like Paul Zane Pilzner to become a Trillion Dollar Industry. Position yourself to get a piece of that growth and you’re done. 

Looking for Weight loss products? energy products? 100% made of herbs, organic products, natural, etc....

Capitalize on Powerful Growth Industries: 

Detox – Iaso Tea; Flagship Product; Removing harmful toxins, pesticides & other waste that causes illnesses in our body. Purifies the entire body! 

Nutrition – Iaso Nutra Burst; Put the “Good” in the body; Complete Vitamin & Mineral Supplement; 100% Organic & Great tasting.

Longevity – Iaso Gano; Ganoderma Lucidum; Consume the #1 Herb on the planet; 4,000 year history of health benefits.

Weight Loss – Iaso HCG Drops; Lose 15 – 60 LBS in 30 days …7 out of 10 Americans are overweight …and the market is growing!

Energy & Vitality – Iaso NRG; Increase your energy levels with natural supplements. Turns-on the energy & turns-off the appetite.

Skincare – Iaso Beauty; Complete Anti-aging line of Skin Care with Ganoderma, Swiss Apple Stem Cell and other unique ingredients  

Sex – Improve performance & Quality of sex life for both Men & Women with natural supplements. 

*Home Based Business – Average earnings are approximately $50K annually! And it comes with great Tax Advantages! 

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Total Life Changes a/k/a …TLC 

Jack Fallon is the CEO; Vision: High & Immediate Impact Products

Corporate Offices in Chesterfield, Michigan

Debt-Free & Has Been in business over 14 years

Currently TLC has distribution in 30 countries & continues to expand

8 Warehouses & Order Processing Centers in strategic locations globally 

Ships products to customers/Affiliates in over 150 countries

Now focusing on the opportunity to grow the US market Incredible Products


Iaso Tea, “Flag Ship Product” Detoxify - Is a Filter for Life! -Filters toxins, chemicals, hormones & pesticides which are inside the foods we consume. -Eliminates parasites, intestinal sludge & other waste that causes illnesses in our body 

Purifies your entire body!

Iaso Nutra Burst – Complete Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, 100% Organic, 98% absorption into the blood stream, Loaded with Amino Acids, 72 Minerals, 12 Herbs, Antioxidants, 22 Fruits & Vegetables Phytonutrients, 13 Whole Food Greens, Multi-Fiber Complex, & Taste Great. 

Iaso GANO – Ganoderma Lucidum is known as the #1 Herb on the planet with a 4,000 year history of health benefits, is known as an; Anti-bacterial, Antiinflammatory, Anti-tumor, blood sugar & blood pressure regulator, & cholesterol reducer. We’re not making medical claims, just try it for yourself.

Iaso Skin – Enhance your beauty with the best in skin care; Enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum, Swiss Apple Stem Cell, Grape Seed Extract, & Pomegranate. A complete skin care system.

Iaso Oil – 100% Pure Emu Oil; Studies have demonstrated the following benefits: Acne, Arthritis, Back Pain, Burns, Dandruff, Eczema, Gout, Gum Disease, Inflammation, Sunburns, Pet Injuries & much more.

Compression Garments – Get Your Sexy Back and experience the instant gratification of a flatter abdomen, a sexy figure, firming your thighs, lifting your buttocks, and the health benefits of your organs being in place and functioning properly with improved posture. Garments for women and men. Coming Soon! 

Iaso Strike-Up for Men/Women – Increased Desire, Potency, & Supports a Better Sex life. All natural, herbal blend; last for up to 72 hours; No secondary side effects. “Safe, Effective, and Works Like Magic!” quote from Dick Gregory 

Pure Wild Chaga -Chaga mushroom plant is a safe natural way to help fight cancerous cells and much more. It's a very powerful mushroom that the Siberians call the "Gift of God" and the "Mushroom of Immortality"

Learn more

Iaso HCG Drops – Lose 15 to 60 LBS in only One Month! 

Iaso NRG – A Natural Energy Supplement; 1 capsule “turns on” the energy & “turns-off” the appetite!


Hybrid Binary Plan: 5 Unique Ways to Get Paid

Retail Profits – Earn 50% Commission on all Customer Purchases - 25% of Group Volume goes into the Binary; Your Pay Leg.

Fast-Start Bonus – Earn 50% of all First Purchases of Each Person You Personally Sponsor into the Business. 

Residual Income – Earn 10% - 25% Commissions of the Volume in your Pay Leg; Qualify by having 40 PV Autoship & Enroll 2 Affiliates.

Check Match Bonus – Earn a 50% Check Match on All Your Personally Sponsored & Earn 10% - 50% Check Match on All the People Your Personally Sponsored Enrolls.

Corporate Expense Account – Earn up to $1,500 monthly; Starting at National Director Rank. 

Timing The 4 Stages of Growth: 

1. Formulation – Ground Floor; Visionaries comes and Build Long-term. 
2. Concentration – Expansion into New Markets; Attracts more Leaders 
3. Explosion – Massive Growth is Experienced, Fortunes are being made
4. Establishment – Brand is now Established as a House-hold Name, Consistent Growth; Creates Wealth for those who started during Formulation Stage. 

We are at the Stage 3 and Looking for Leaders that see the Vision of TLC & TEAM USA 

CLICK THE LINK HERE to get started and get financially liberated!!!

By Helina Kebede

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