If you have a small business, you have surely found that one of the biggest struggles is trying to get your name out there so that it becomes familiar to people. Of course, when it comes to getting your name out there, the best approach is to find a way for others to get your name out there for you. And running contests is the best way to get others to start spreading the word!

When you run a contest - especially if you structure it in such a way that people are encouraged to spread the word themselves - you can get a lot of work done by others; in fact, it is a whole lot like "delegating" the task of advertising! But in order to structure it in such a way that people are encouraged to spread the word, you need to make sure you understand what will entice people to spread the word.

One of the biggest things in creating a contest that actually works is coming up with a prize for the winner that people will actually want to compete for! You cannot have something as simple as "a free pizza" if you run a pizza parlor. The bigger the prize, the greater the lengths people will go to in order to try to win it, which means you need to branch out a bit. Rather than thinking about it as "money out of your pocket," you should think of it as "advertising money."

People are more likely to participate in a contest that is easy to participate in, so make sure you structure your contest so that this is, in fact, the case. And the next step you should take is this: with this contest that is easy to participate in, the contest should also be structured so that the word about the contest is automatically spread by those who participate.

You will prevent yourself from growing if you remain small minded about your small business, and in this way you will put yourself in danger of disappearing. Instead, you should begin to branch out there with your ideas as much as you can; one of the best ways to do this is to run contests that allow others to spread the word for you!

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