So last night one of our members of Elite Profit System walk into their local supermarket and happen to bump into the owner .They simply asked him "do you pay a lot for your credit card fees every month"? Of course the answer was yes.
He is paying over $4600 every month just on fees alone . So our member offered him the 0% program and told him he can put that money back in his pocket . That's over $55k a year that he will be saving with EPS merchant service .
Our EPS member came back with a simple 2 page contract and got the proper documents . The store owner was very excited .
Now Imagine having this exclusive offer at the tip of your fingertips, how many business owners do you know? What if you can help them save money and make a nice residual income for yourself ?
You don't need to recruit anyone or build a team . You can simply use our services to make money .
Here is the best part . If you choose to use our automated system to grow a team with EPS ,not only you will be tapping into the highest comp plan in the industry but you will receive 10% override on all your direct team members who go out and offer our services .
Look, I'm not here to sell you dreams ,I'm here to help you make them happen.
I will work directly with you and train you on what you need to do be successful . 

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