InfinityBTC is only 0.006 Bitcoin (approximately $6.00) onetime to join. The system is fully automated. It auto upgrades you, automatically purchases your new positions and bitcoin donations are automatically deposited right to your wallet!

When you join be prepared to make the small .006 Bitcoin donation immediately when you are transferred into the back office. To prevent fraud if you leave the account before setting up the account and paying the account will delete and you may have to re-register.
Total donations on a 2 x 5 Forced Matrix is 19.6 Bitcoin. Plus, the automated system purchases you 34 additional positions that each has the potential to pay you 19.6 Bitcoin in donations!!
The website is in Spanish, but Bitcoin in any language is still Bitcoin. Use the Google Chrome Browser and the translation into English works perfectly.

Watch the following Video to learn about it too:

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