Why You Need To Join Project Ethereum???

#1. We will have a full University that will teach us a great deal about cryptocurrency.
#2. No sponsoring required to earn.  As soon as 1 person falls below you, regardless of who recruited them.
#3. 100% Automated System. No worrying about manual upgrading or people not upgrading on time.
#4. Received donation will be paid automatically.
#5. You will receive contributions from up to 510 members.
510 members make up a 2 x 8 forced matrix.
#6. Contributions will be done for you on autopilot.
#7. We will have a ETH Visa or MasterCard (when is TBD).
#8. We will have amazing social media tools to assist us in sharing and promoting PE.
#9. If you failed by 99% and only built 1% of your team, you could earn $48,000.00 per month.
#10. The most you can receive passively over the same period above is $4.914,180.00 Million.

What are you waiting for???

Please Watch this video for Full Detail:

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