What is Single Line Matrix?

Single Line Matrix is A BRAND NEW Matrix that just LAUNCHED.  It's 100% automated matrix with auto-pay facility built-in.

It's also Bitcoin only matrix.  

Some of the cool features are: 

  1. 1. Just 0.01 BTC Entry can earn you 20 BTC over & over again

  2. 2. 362 positions created by re-entries

  3. 3. Auto Payout Facility (No need to Withdraw Manually) direct to your BTC wallet

  4. 4. Maximum of 3 Position Purchases allowed every 2 Hours

  5. 5. It's Time To Get Started & To Receive YOUR Part Of This Amazing Opportunity!

Please watch this overview video for further explanation!

Here is the sign up link: http://singlelinematrix.com/?ref=helina84

See you in the inside:)

Helina Kebede

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