Straight Cycler is a well thought out 2x1 Fully Automated World Class concept that allows you to earn while providing you advertising credits with every position you have purchased. Designed for ease of the user.

1. Just 0.01 BTC Entry can earn you 5.62 BTC over & over again 
2. Auto Payout Facility (No need to Withdraw Manually) direct to your BTC wallet 
3. Auto Upgrades- No More missing any earnings! 
4. .005 btc referral commission when referral cycles from Level 1 (Even Free Member stands to receive Referral Commission) 
5. Can buy Multiple Positions 
6. New positions in level 1 when you cycle Levels 8, 9 and 10 
7. You Get Best Value Added FREE Advertising: 1000 Text,1000 Banner & 1000 website

The best part is everything being Automatic. Just buy your position(s), promote your website link and watch your bitcoin wallet GROW!!!

Here is a walk through sign up and get started video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueUri5A3R9A


STEP 1 Add your bitcoin wallet address Go to My Account Click on Cashout Settings Click on Manage Click on New Address Write bitcoin address in the box in front of Bitcoin Address Enter your security answer Click on Add 

STEP 2 Fund Your Account Go to My wallet Click on Add Money Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to deposit (e.g. 0.02, .04,.06) In payment options select Bitcoin Click on Add On next Page Click on Submit You will be redirected to coinpayments. You need to submit your details and select the coins. Send the payment to the bitcoin address provided. Wait for the coinpayments for 2 confirmations on the bitcoin network. Increase the transaction fee so it gets confirmed on time. As soon as it confirms, your btc will be sent to your straight cycler account. 

STEP 3 Buying Positions Go to Purchase # of position , write 1 Payment option: (Main Balance) Click On Buy Now

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